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Teacher: "Robotics leader Dr. Finkle Goomba claims working robots will be ready for household use within a year though. He also added, 'They won’t be up to true human capability by that time.'"

Little Johnny: "It won’t work until they get to full capability. There is no way my dad would ever pay for a teenager."

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Patient: I was born C-Section and every time I leave my house I constantly fight the urge to go out the window.

Doctor: On a scale of one to ten how bad is this problem?

Patient: I’d have to say a ten considering I live on the 88th floor of a high rise.

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Billy: Though my Aunt is very dear to me the truth is, no one likes her homemade pudding except you Johnny. Tell me why you always get a double helping and also take the leftovers home?

Johnny: I use it to patch the cracks in my driveway; it lasts for years.

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What’s the difference between USA and USB?

One connects to your devices and accesses all of your data.

The other is a hardware standard.

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