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The Lee family has been really stressing me out!

Perhaps you know them...

Emotional Lee, Physical Lee, Mental Lee and let’s not forget Financial Lee!

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Where is the place pencils like to go for a vacation?

Pencil - Vania!

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On his first day back to work after the birth of his son, Randy's supervisor said, "I understand you have a new youngster at your house?"

Randy glanced around apprehensively, "For heaven's sake, you can't hear him all the way out here, can you?"

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Sitting on the bank of a stream a young fisherman trolled his bait lazily in the water and chewed comfortably on a blade of grass.

"Catch anything yet?" asked the stranger.

"Nope," murmured the fishermen.

"That's strange. It appears to be such a fine stream for trout," said the stranger.

"It must be," replied the fishermen, "they refuse to leave it."

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