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Wife: "Do you want to eat something?"

Me: "Maybe, what are the options?"

Wife: "Yes or no!"

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A chicken and a goat decided to take a walk.

As they were walking, a car drove past them with speed and splashed some water on them. The chicken took offence and said, “Look at how they drive, like goats!” And the goat replied, “No wonder they die like chickens.”

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I’m now in high school, so when I ran into my third-grade teacher, I doubted she would remember me.

“Hi, Miss Butcher,” I said.

“Hi, Eddie,” she replied.

“So you do remember me?” I asked.

“Sure. You don’t always leave a good impression, but you definitely leave a lasting one.”

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Teacher : Which is the oldest animal?

Student : The zebra.

Teacher : How come?

Student : Because it's still in black & white.

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