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Two women archaeologists are down in Mexico excavating an ancient Mayan burial ground looking for some remains to take back to their museum.

Unfortunately, everything they run across is badly decomposed. One of the two says, "We don't seem to be having much luck."

The other replies, "Keep on digging, honey, a good Mayan is hard to find!"

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Two friends were chatting. "I've just bought a pig!" said the first.

"But where will you keep it?" asked the second. "Your yard's much too small for a pig!"

"I'm going to keep it under my bed," replied the first.

"But what about the smell?"

"He'll soon get used to that."

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There are three farmers who look and sound alike

Farmer 1: "What are we doing today?"

Farmer 2: "What we do everyday."

Farmer 1: "What’s that?"

Farmer 2: "Find out what farmer #3 is doing."

Farmer 1: "Wait... I thought you were farmer #3?"

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Guy #1: "Do you know the chemical formula for Sodium Bromide?

Guy #2: "NaBro."

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