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I bought an alarm clock yesterday but I took it back today and asked for a refund, I said to the assistant, "It's not working properly, I set the alarm for 7:30am but it went off at 4:30am."

"I'd like to give you a refund sir, but it's smashed into pieces. How do you explain the damage?" he asked.

I said, "I just told you, it's not working properly and it went off at 4:30am."

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Research shows that men, on average, speak about 10,000 words per day, and women speak about 40,000.

What the research doesn’t tell you is that it’s not that women are actually saying four times as much, they just have to repeat everything that many times because men don’t listen.

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Where are average things manufactured?

At Satisfactory.

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Due to recent cutbacks...

The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off till further notice!

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