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My girlfriend just broke up with me for being too un-American...

But honestly, I saw it coming from a kilometer away.

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A man take his wife to the doctor for an annual checkup. When the doctor calls the woman in, she turns to her husband and says, “Let’s go Harold.”

The husband dutifully follows her into the doctor’s examination room. The doctor says, “Mrs. Sanders, I have been practicing medicine for 35 years and built a very honorable reputation. You can certainly trust me."

The wife replies, “Oh I trust you, doctor. It’s my husband I don’t trust with your pretty receptionist out there.”

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There's a new emotional support group. We already had Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous. Now we have Ramblers Anonymous.

It’s a group for people who are addicted to babbling on endlessly... but are not self-aware enough to realize they’re doing it... they like to talk, but can’t seem to get to the point…or any point... it's expected that each meeting will run several hours... and then some...

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"Don't be afraid of the dog," said the lady to Little Johnny, who was delivering her groceries.

"You know the old proverb, 'A barking dog never bites?'"

"Yes," replied Little Johnny. "You know the proverb. I know the proverb. But does your dog know the proverb?"

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