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10. Hot dogs with just a hint of Tabasco.

9. "Kids eat free" night at the steak house.

8. Pizza.

7. Broiled bologna benedict on rye.

6. Back-of-the-fridge goulash (with lots of pepper).

5. Chips and salsa.

4. Cocoa Puff surprise.

3. Something old, something blue, something frozen, call it stew.

2. Cold pizza.

1. Whatever's cooking at Grandma's.

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A guy goes to the doctor, “Do you have something against a persistent hiccup?”

The doctor gives him a huge slap in the face and says, “Yes. Sorry, this is the best treatment.”

The guy holds his cheek and says, “Okay, but it’s actually my wife who’s got the issue!"

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A man had just got his car stuck in a during a drive in the country and he needed help getting it out. So he walked until he found a farm and asked the farmer for help. The farmer agrees to help the guy out. So he takes a horse out of the stable and leads him to the car. The farmer then ties a harness around the horse and the other end to the car.

The farmer yells, "Pull, Sandy!"

The horse just stands there.

The farmer yells, "Come on now, pull Twister!"

The horse once again just stands there.

Finally the farmer yells, "Ok dangit, PULL RANGER! You're just standing there!"

Finally the horse springs forward and with all the strength he has he pulls the car out of the ditch and onto the roadside.

The man thanks the farmer many times, but before leaving the farmer why he yelled out names of horses that weren't there.

The farmer just smiles and replies, "Oh, you see Ranger there is completely blind and a lazy horse. He wasn't going to pull if he thought he was the only one trying."

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Why do gourmet cooks stock on on herbs and spices in the fall?

Because they're seasonal.

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