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My wife said that my granddaughter has me wrapped around her little finger.

I said, "That's not true. I said 'no' to her just yesterday."

"What did she ask you?"

"She asked me if there was anything I wouldn't give her."

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The cleaning lady comes to the bank manager...

"Can you please give me the key of the safe vault?"

"What?! What for?"

"It's always so time consuming to have to use my hairpin in order to clean it!"

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Did you hear about the four walruses who decided to form a rock band?

They have just completed their album and their first single is called, 'I Am The Beatle'.

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During the geography class on the Eastern Mediterranean, the teacher asked Little Johnny, "What are the Phoenicians noted for?"

Little Johnny paused and then replied, " For their blinds!"

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