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While on vacation in Spain with my wife, I I started to feel funny. I had some pain in my chest and felt short of breath. I chalked it up to the long day we had just had, but I continued to feel worse. As we got out of the taxi and walked into the hotel, I collapsed.

It became apparent to my wife and I that I was having a heart attack. I thought for sure I would die because the nearest hospital was 1/2 hour away. Suddenly from the back room came a woman wielding defibrillators. She shouted to the other staff to help and they ripped off my shirt and restarted my heart right there in the hotel.

The ambulance arrived 20 minutes later, but thanks to this amazing woman my life had been saved. I spent the night in the hospital but I got out around noon the next day. I went back to the hotel to thank this woman.

I said, “I’m amazed that a hotel this small has a full time doctor as skilled as yourself!”

She replied, “No one expects the Spanish Inn physician.”

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At our weekly Bible study, our leader was recapping what we knew about the Epistle to Titus before continuing with the study.

So he asked, "What kind of place was Crete?"

Nobody answered, so he added, "In a geographic sense."

One or two of us answered, but nobody gave the answer he was looking for.

So he said, "I'll give you a clue: it has a lot in common with a much talked about place called Noman."

One of us responded, "Can't say I've heard on Noman."

To which our leader said, "Noman is an island."

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What kind of fuel does the king use in his castle?

He always uses one of the noble gases.

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I used to run a dating agency for chickens...

But I was struggling to make hens meet!

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